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KF Farm

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Organically Grown Natural Premium Quality

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KF has its very own farm that comprises 70 acres of land tucked away 25km from the urban city of Johor Bahru.
Unlike ordinary farms, KF Farm uses the g’farm system which is a Korean-based agricultural farming system that uses organic methods of planting vegetables. This system is dedicated to producing delicious tasting vegetables by using the natural minerals such as Zeolite in the farming process that are rich in nutrient and minerals, such as calcium and potassium while being clean and free of herbicides or pesticides.
Organic Choy Sum
Organik Sawi Hijau
Organic Japenese Mustard
Organik Sawi Jepun
Organic Nai Bai
Organik Nai Bai
Organic Kailan
Organik Kailan
Organic Korean Lettuce
Organik Salad Korea
Organic Local Lettuce
Organik Salad Tempatan
Organic Long Bean
Organik Kacang Panjang
Organic Lady's Finger
Organik Bendi Hijau
Organic Brazilian Spinach
Organik Bayam Brazil
Organic Malabar Spinach
Organik Bayam Malabar
Organic Hong Kong Mustard
Organik Hong Kong Sawi
Organic Bitter Gourd
Organik Peria
Organic Sweet Corn
Organik Jagung Manis
Organic Wing Bean
Organik Kacang Botol
Organic Chive
Organik Kucai
Organic Cucumber
Organik Timun
Organic Purple Brinjal
Organik Terung Ungu
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