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KF Wholesale Sdn Bhd (KF) is the leading supplier of premium quality vegetables for Johor Bahru’s food service & retail industry. Founded in 2015 and having its operation outlet in Suppliers’ Mart (S’MART) Johor Bahru, KF’s line of fresh vegetables offer time-saving solutions, designed exclusively for vegetable retail operators and the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Caterer) industry, with an emphasis placed on health-driven freshness and quality. With the advantage synergy with S’MART’s fresh outlets and S’MART anchor tenant, Midas Mart, KF is ever ready to provide one stop supply solution to the industry.
One of our impressive range of vegetables are sourced directly from our well-managed farm, which is powered by Korea’s renowned g'farm system to ensure fresh, hygienic and organically planted vegetables. With this farming system, KF will be soon launching its very own organically grown vegetables in the market. We are passionately committed to our clientele and aim to set a benchmark in the supply of wholesale fresh vegetables.
KF is also partnering with Midas Mart to launch the Mm Clicks App which should be awaitable in Q4 2018. With this Mm Clicks App, customer can shop online for over 20,000 items, from fresh to groceries, seafood and all your daily needs, anytime, anywhere – all at your fingertip. Click here for more information.
Product Range  

Product Variety

We offer over 250 types of vegetables - imported vegetables from China, Thailand & Australia to Cameron along with local and "Kampung" vegetables. On top of this, we also offer multiple selection of western and local herbs, assorted range of mushrooms and soon to be added to our list will be a selection of organically grown vegetables.

Top Grade Freshness

With excellent and well-managed facilities, we are able to offer premium quality vegetables.


Direct from sources; Competitive pricing. 


With our refrigerated trucks, KF is able to deliver all the produce while maintaining the freshness of the product.

Our Facilities

KF has its own storage warehouse with the capacity to facilitate the effective distribution of our fresh vegetables, with full temperature control. This comprehensive facility serves as a distribution center, administration office and pre-packaging facility. By Quarter 1 of 2018, KF's cold room facility will be increased by 100% capacity with upgraded processed vegetable room.

Furthermore, we have our very own refrigerated trucks to ensure the cool supply chain remains unhindered. Our refrigerated trucks are used to ensure on-time delivery of our vegetables. Fresh produce delivered on time, every time. That is our promise!

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  +6012-738 7288
+607-359 8206
S'MART Building
PTD 154409, Batu 7 1/2,
Jalan Kota Tinggi,
81100 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
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Our Product Range

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Cameron Veggies / 金马伦菜   Local Leafy / Sayur Daun Tempatan /
Kampung Veggies / Sayur Kampung /
  Local - Tuber, Squashes, Chilies & Fruits /
Imported Veggies / 进口菜    Thailand Veggies/ 泰国蔬菜 
Mushroom / Cendawan / 菇类   Others / 其他
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