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We offer customized vegetable packaging services, Tailoring to your specific packaging type. Our innovative packaging system allows our clients to keep their produce fresh,
even if it’s in transit.

BUNDLES & BASKETS (Organic Vegetables Only)

every season, we offer a bundle of selected seasonal produce packs, each containing 15-18 different items, including a mix of distinctive, in-season, and unusual veggies not always found anywhere else. even if it’s in transit.
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With the affiliated membership program, businesses or household buyers can buy at a discount and get points for every Ringgit they spend. The members can then use those accumulated points to redeem cash at Midas Mart as well as S’MART’s affiliated outlets.


We provide retailers with fresh produce, providing you with products of the highest quality. We work directly with importers, distributors, as well as growers to supply the best fresh imported or organic vegetables, as well as fresh-cut produce.
We also provide one-stop program introductory services as a form of retail support for our retail clients who purchase
30% of products from us. Among the things, which includes:
  • Consulting for retailers looking to set up  veggies retail in their area
  • Marketing and merchandising advice
  • Assist in planning and executing weekly merchandising plans to increase sales
  • Give advice in weekly pricing plans by including retails and profit margins.


Hotels, restaurants, and caterers (HORECA) are always on the lookout for fresh vegetables. Vegetables are very perishable and storage is the key to ensure freshness and preservation of quality of vegetable products. Our one-stop pre-ordering system and our fleet of refrigerated lorries ensure fresh vegetables are delivered to your doorstep in the soonest possible. 
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Copyright © 2021 by KF Wholesale. All rights reserved.
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